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Faculty of Engineering and Sciences

This Faculty is the largest academic unit of the University. Through the different programs for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research,outreach and community engagement, it is a relevant participant in the development of the southern macro region of Chile, making concrete contributions in a wide range of emerging topics of interest, such as renewable energies, biofuels, telecommunications, computing, the environment, mathematical modeling and a number of other disciplines.

This faculty has ten academic departments: Department of Physical Science; Department of Chemical Sciences & Natural Resources; Department of Chemical Engineering; Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering; Department of Mathematical Engineering; Department of Computer Science; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Department of Civil Engineering; Department of Electrical Engineering; and Department of Mathematics & Statistics.

We offer the following programs: Civil Engineering; Civil Physics Engineering; Civil Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering in Computer Science; Civil Engineering Common Plan; Civil Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Civil Engineering, with specialization in Bioprocesses; Industrial Civil Engineering, with specialization in Computer Science; Industrial Civil Engineering, with specialization in Mechanics; Civil Environmental Engineering; Civil Electrical Engineering; Civil Electronics Engineering; Civil Mathematical Engineering; Civil Telematic Engineering; Civil Engineering in Biotechnology; Construction Engineering; Biochemistry; Computer Engineering.


Years of experience training professionals in different disciplines


Different specialties with professionals and experts in teaching of the highest level.


More than 140 professionals and experts are part of the teaching staff in the undergraduate and graduate areas.


More than 2,000 students, being the faculty with the most students in the University.

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